Daria Strokous & Iselin Steiro for Dior Fall Winter 2013 2014 Campaign

| August 5, 2013

Daria Strokous & Iselin Steiro is the best designers in the winter fall collection. Their dresses are the western look and very trendy for western countries. This collection is representing in Paris. In this collection the dresses are design full of elegant style.
These kinds of dresses are perfect for the professional persons and the casual wear also. The designer design these dresses with the satin and silk and leather.
The color they use in this collection the light and dark both but the white and black are the mostly use on it. The light embroidery on these dresses are made it complete for the professional party wear dress.
These dresses are including the short pants and long coat with the graceful style. These dresses are the made with short sleeves and some of these are sleeveless. White and black dresses are more graceful from other colors.

Topic: Daria Strokous & Iselin Steiro for Dior Fall Winter 2013 2014 Campaign
Designer: Daria Strokous & Iselin Steiro
Design: short pant with long coat
Color: light and dark
Stuff: leather and silk
Perfect for: party wear

White casual wear for women by Daria Strokous & Iselin Steiro winter dress Red over coat Daria Strokous & Iselin Steiro Dior Winter 2013-14 Campaign black sleeveless Dior Daria Strokous Fall Winter 2013-4 Campaign

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