Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes New Designs

| May 25, 2016

Ideas to use the belt and sashes for your dresses


0. Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes

Sashes and the belts are  use to embellish the simple dresses  because there are so many things which are used to  make the dresses much formal  it is large and in the colorful ribbon  or band this material is worn around your body which in big shape means neck to  hip   it is for the  ceremonial  and occasions only and the short which  is worn only  around the waist it is may be for daily routine  and a belt is a strong and flexible  band or strap basically it is made f leather  or heavy cloth it is  worn around the waist the belt support the trouser ,pants and other  cloth which you have worn  but now a day’s  sashes and the belts  are available in many stuffs   which is used in so many dresses whether it is men’s or women    in the dress of ladies   when we use it   then your simple dress  becomes fancy   from your previous dress.  Here I have some sashes and the belts which can make your dress more elegant  and it is so many   styles   and varieties  now here we are talking about the rose   sparkle belt and sashes  which is very apt for your dress. So come with us and see the collection of sashes and belts for your dresses because the style of these things are inn.

0+ Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes

1.    Slash is fully floral  and the  use of  rhinestones and the  crystal stone is making this floral  sash much beautiful and it can be used on  your sweetheart simple wedding gown  on your white dress it create a good effect in the lights of night function.



1. Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes

2.    Ribbon and appliqué stuff floral  sash  with the lace  motif and the  stone is looking nice it can be use d on the babies frock because very little roses are   stitch  on the lace fabric  in the summer buy   a coral color dress for your baby and stitch this  belt on her frock .

2. Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes

3.    Bridal who are worried for their simple gowns they should not be worried because the  golden glittering  accessory is  here  which can be used by you to make the dress  fancy   rose floral   belt which is made of   appliqué  and the salma sitara with cut out work  it is perfect with the simple dress.

3. Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes

4.    Golden color metal  chain with the Rhine stone embellishing is looking very decent  because it is so sleek then it can  be  apply on your simple chiffon and georgette dresses  and  it has a  metal big chain  which is hang inside the  back and if it is  belt then it is on your back.

4. Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes

5.    On a  wide  ribbon at the place of the   belt clip  you can stitch this metal made  clip  which s looking so glittering with the Rhine stones and gemstones   with the  different leaves and the flower  pattern is used to make it  beautiful.

5. Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes

6.    Skin ribbon embellished with the stones, crystals, motifs and the cut out work  is on the sash it is fully fancy and can make your  simpler gown embellish  on your red color dress this belt is  looking gorgeous at the place of gown it can be used on any dress to make it fancy.

6. Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes

7.    Copper color   rose  belt which is fully decorated with the stones, kundan  and the motifs  It is not too much wide and too narrow  if you have long belly then it look so attractive  and this belt is good for your  black dress if you are going in the wedding then  with your formal dress you can use it.


7. Rosé Sparkle Belts & Sashes new designes


if you are not too much fat then go with the sleek and normal size belt and sashes and whose girls have long belly they can select the  fancy  belt because it show your feminine beauty and you look very formal .

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