Beautiful Bridal Sash

| July 7, 2015


Sash is considered as wide and long ribbon which is accomplished with heavy stone work and embroiders techniques and is worn out by brides with their wedding dress.

Current presentation:

Our currently maintained presentation is correlated with disclosure of amiable and trendy sash designs for brides.

Elegant sash designs for brides 2015:

We have elected exquisite and dazzling sash designs for brides to make their special eve more special. Every drafted item is based on pure material and is dominantly jeweled with glazing and shimmery facts and figures which involve shimmery thread embroider techniques with further accomplishment of floral and stone replacement.

Colors in bridal sash collection 2015:

We have elected soft and alluring shades like white, grey, blue, skin, magenta and light brown.

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